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Nunn Construction has a long history of running complex and important building projects.

From appropriate scheduling of trade partners to quality control and creating a safe worksite, we know how to create success. Our methods attract the best contractors in our community. We use a proven method of cost control, and execute our projects with aggressive precision. We are proud to be a leader in the industry.


Meeting aggressive and complex schedules since 1983.

We have decades of experience with complex and aggressive build schedules. Our success stems from creating detailed plans that we manage meticulously. Your project superintendent follows a critical path schedule for the entire project, providing a three-week ‘look ahead’ to keep the project on track, and overcome challenges, avoiding wasted time or money.

Quality Control

Quality buildings are a Nunn signature.

With a meticulous understanding of your requirements up front, we continually inspect all work to ensure it is within or above your specifications and needs. Before any task begins we analyze details and review expectations. Once construction starts our team builds a superior building with less stress and no surprises. This level of quality is what you should expect from your builder.


Safe projects are successful projects.

Our standard of safety success on projects is nobody getting hurt, ever. From protective equipment to ongoing safety meetings, trainings and certifications, our safety plan focuses on contractors, visitors, and the public being free from hazard.

The Nunn Construction Safety Program implements construction best practices and complies with OSHA requirements. Our safety standard is productive, clean, cost-competitive and a place for positive morale.

Safety at Nunn

Cost Control

Controlling cost isn’t just an empty promise we make. We practice real-time analysis of your budget with our proven system of budget-monitoring. From the onset of your project to completion, we pay attention to every penny.


  • Reduces budget changes
  • Improves and increases communication through weekly meetings

  • Limits material waste

  • Efficiently utlizes sub-contractors

Subcontractor Management

We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and know how to bring together a successful team. We work with sub-contractors that have proven track records of professionalism, quality and safety.


  • Detailed discussions to define expectations and timelines for sub-contractors

  • Review of manpower and job scope before and during project

  • Fabrication and delivery timelines that protect schedule and critical flow

  • Mandatory safety meetings and regular foreman meetings to create efficiency on-site

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