Post Occupancy
Intermountain Rural Electrical Association Headquarters | Sedalia, CO

We are there for you even after construction is complete.

As professionals we know how important it is to understand every aspect of your building and how each system integrates. We also offer the peace-of-mind that comes with a thorough warranty program. We don’t pack up our hard hats and disappear, we continue our partnership so you get the most out of your building.

Project Commissioning

We verify that the mechanical and electrical systems within your building work properly and operate according to the project design requirements.

After verifying individual systems, we check the full integration of systems to make sure each one operates correctly in a variety of conditions. You can be assured your building will operate efficiently, which will benefit your organization for many years to come.

Building Operations Training

Construction projects do not stop the day the last tool leaves the site.

Learning how to operate your building is an important component to a successful project. Our team coordinate trainings sessions so the right people in your organization know how to operate and maintain the equipment and materials in your building. We document and record training as a resource for you in the future. And, as always, we are ready to help if you have questions.

Warranty Program

Warranty items are an important part of your project and are critical to project success.

You have access to our project managers during the extent of your warranty period. We comprehensively document requests and completion of any warranty issue – most of the time with a simple email of our warranty request form. Our warranty reporting system is easy to use so you can focus on your business without worrying about your building.

Not sure where to start?
We’ll guide you through the construction process.