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A successful project starts with skillful pre-construction.

Preconstruction covers all work we complete during design of your project and prior to groundbreaking.

During preconstruction we define your specific requirements, discuss your needs and goals, manage your budget and schedule, and select the best subcontractors for your project. Our mission to create the highest quality building within your budget begins here.

Feasibility Studies

We perform feasibility studies during the very early stages of a project.

The feasibility study will tell us if a large or complex project is viable and position the team to overcome any constraints. We can compare the project cost and outcome on multiple sites, and analyze alternative footprints.

With this information, we can work together with the owner, architect and key stakeholders to provide suggestions and explore alternatives for making a project more feasible. These studies are used in communication with investors, planning officials and in creating business plans or seeking advocacy for an important community building.

Cost Estimating

Our estimating department of senior level managers keep a pulse on the ever-changing construction market.

With a thorough cost estimation we can detail and communicate costs as the design progresses to help the team get the most from your project scope while staying on-budget.

Conceptual Estimating/Target Value Analysis

With conceptual estimating we determine the cost of different ideas before they are integrated into your design. You can then decide if you want to incorporate these ideas based on how they affect your budget.

Conceptual estimating is a great tool to make sure the design and budget remain on track throughout all phases of ideation.

Systems Cost Analysis

The selection of systems will impact your project’s overall quality, initial cost, operating cost and the construction schedule. During early design, we collaborate closely with the design team to explore different system options to ensure the highest quality and most cost competitive systems are selected.

This systematic analysis leads to selections which provide the best overall quality, while staying within your construction budget.

Milestone Estimating

A complex construction project needs to retain budget accuracy throughout the building process. We offer milestone estimating to ensure that the project design and construction budget stay in sync.

Budget challenges are identified early, so design adjustments can be made without creating a domino effect.

Real-time Estimating

Real-time estimating keeps everyone on track and on the same page. As our team progresses through the design phases, we track cost changes and present them at regular meetings.

The entire team is informed of the most recent estimations so there are no significant or unexpected redesigns.


No two building projects are the same.

No two building projects are the same. Before a shovel hits the ground we thoroughly analyze all project plans, site constraints and, for remodels, existing building conditions.

Constructability reviews make our team more efficient in the field by planning the work and solving problems before they occur—saving you both time and money during construction.

Subcontractor Selection

The right subcontractors make all the difference.

Receiving quality bids is critical to your project’s success, which is why we have an organized and detailed bidding process. We remove scope gaps and double-ups by asking the right questions and providing detailed information to potential sub-contractors. We have created ongoing relationships with high-quality firms so we can match the right subcontractor to your needs and budget. Our reputation for staffing our projects with qualified supervision, organization and safety attract subcontractors who will compete for your job.

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