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For us, building green is the responsible way to build and we have the people on board to make it happen.

Building green is the responsible way to build, for today and the future. Our team has the passion and experience to bring healthy, durable, energy-saving strategies for your building. We focus on: proper siting, exterior envelope efficiency, high-performance mechanical and electrical systems, and indoor air quality – while working to reduce waste during construction.
We built one of the first LEED certified projects in Colorado Springs, the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. Many members of our staff are proud recipients of the LEED Accredited Professional designation. Even if you do not  plan on receiving a LEED certification, we can help you identify green technologies and techniques that have the greatest impact on your building and organization’s performance.

Exterior Building Envelope

There are a variety of materials and systems that can be utilized in your exterior building envelope to increase thermal performance reducing energy costs and wasteful consumption. We help you navigate these options.

We also talk about the methods we use to manufacture the building and how to incorporate your desired aesthetics to get the look and feel you want with the sustainable edge you need.


Project Shown:

UCCS Administrative Office Building

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High Performance Mechanical and Electrical

The efficiency of your mechanical and electrical systems play a major role in your building’s operational costs, sustainability and environmental impact.

We highlight options for these systems, so you have the control and desired features from the most efficient technologies. We can also incorporate monitoring systems, so you can track and analyze your energy performance and reach your sustainability goals.


Project Shown:

Broomfield Heights Middle School

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be improved by making sustainable choices about building materials. We will show you how to implement the right technology for your project.

Many of today’s synthetic products can be harmful to air quality. We can help you choose natural materials that will improve the air inside your building, control noise, and improve the environment.


Project Shown:

Montezuma Cortez High School

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Additional green strategies we focus on:

  • Use of products made with recycled materials to reduce use of the world’s raw materials
  • Utilization of native and drought tolerant landscaping to reduce water requirements

  • Significantly limiting waste materials during construction through waste management
  • Use day lighting strategies to maximize natural light to reduce energy costs and productivity.

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