Safety is success, period.

Keeping our communities safe.

Nunn has had a rapid and continuous response to COVID-19 in order to keep our crews, staff and jobsites safe and functioning.

Safety has always been our priority. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we closely monitored and followed the CDC and Colorado Department of Health Guidelines for Workplace Safety, as well as the OSHA regulations. Our responsive and agile leadership as our collaborative team relationships and communications helped us respond and adapt procedures and protocols, share lessons learned and troubleshooting company-wide weekly. We were committed to holding trade partners accountable through procurement logs and tracking and sharing any material or labor anticipated delays.

While following safety regulations and common sense, we also feel a deep commitment to our workers, subcontractors, and suppliers who rely on this work to support their families. By adhering to these health and safety guidelines and keeping construction moving forward safely, we are doing our part to help keep the economy of our state and country moving forward so there are schools and businesses to return to when this pandemic subsides.

COVID-19 Safety Signage

Nunn created signs for jobsite/trailer and office entrances to alert crews and visitors to not enter if they are feeling ill or been in contact with infected people or areas. We also made jobsite signs to visually remind workers onsite to maintain space while working.

Hard Hat Social Distancing Reminder

Stickers were created to place on workers hardhats to establish a visual reminder to stay socially distanced while working. We felt it was important to make these available to all our crews and subcontractors onsite and as they transition off our projects these stickers will continue to help spread this important safety policy across our industry.

New Jobsite Protocols

Our teams already use ProCore to access documents, information and company policies and protocols, so we were able to utilize that to have immediate access to any new shared guidelines for jobsite safety and protocols. This enabled our teams to have a rapid and agile response to any changes in protocols or material procurement tracking to ensure we are able to maintain our schedules and workflow.

Regular Company-wide Collaboration

Nunn met weekly in the first few months of the pandemic to discuss progress and material or labor delays on all projects in order to share lessons learned that could benefit other teams. We also continue to closely track procurement of materials and equipment to ensure that we were aware of any delays and held our trade partners accountable to delivering their schedules.

Safety Program

Third Party Inspection

Nunn employs a 3rd party safety inspector who visits each jobsite regularly. This provides our clients with accountability and transparency regarding project safety.

Employee Education

All Nunn Construction Superintendents have completed their OSHA-30 or OSHA-10 training. They are also required to complete continuing safety education. Our leaders always have the most up-to-date safety precautions in mind.

In-House Inspections

Nunn Construction has a full time safety manager who conducts monthly safety audits on each and every one of our jobsites. This in-house safety manager ensures our field staff are following established policies and safety regulations.

Subcontractor Requirements

Each subcontractor has to pass a safety screening and be prequalified to work on Nunn Construction projects. This creates a successful worksite where safety is everyone’s priority.

Hazardous Conditions Training

Nunn employees are thoroughly trained to avoid incidents and/or personal injury including training in HAZCOM, asbestos awareness, ASHE, CPR, equipment use, fall protection and more. This training puts prevention at the center of safety considerations.

EMR Rating

Experience Modification Rates (EMRs) are numbers used by insurance companies to gauge the risk of injury for a company. Nunn has a low EMR, which translates to lower worker compensation premiums.

“We appreciated Nunn Construction having us on site to review rescue procedures during steel construction on the second and third floors. This type of pre-planning on your part certainly would have helped us save lives and perform a rescue in the safest manner possible.”
Dennis Spritzer Fire Marshal | Gunnison, CO