Safety is success, period.

Safety is about success today, and in the future.

Our innovative safety standards exist for every person who will come in contact with a Nunn construction site.

Nunn Construction is proud of our safety culture and the value it creates for our clients. Every team member receives continual safety training, putting prevention at the center of our safety program. The result is lower insurance premiums as well as a positive and productive environment.

We have extensive experience working on occupied sites, limiting interruptions to daily business and keeping all of our clients out of harm’s way. We develop a custom safety plan based on the unique needs of each project and client.

Signature Safety Programs

Third Party Inspection

Nunn employs a 3rd party safety inspector who visits each jobsite regularly. This provides our clients with accountability and transparency regarding project safety.

Employee Education

All Nunn Construction Superintendents have completed their OSHA-30 or OSHA-10 training. They are also required to complete continuing safety education. Our leaders always have the most up-to-date safety precautions in mind.

In-House Inspections

Nunn Construction has a full time safety manager who conducts monthly safety audits on each and every one of our jobsites. This in-house safety manager ensures our field staff are following established policies and safety regulations.

Sub-contractor Requirements

Each sub-contractor has to pass a safety screening and be pre-qualified to work on Nunn Construction projects. This creates a successful worksite where safety is everyone’s priority.

Hazardous Conditions Training

Nunn employees are thoroughly trained to avoid incidents and/or personal injury including training in HAZCOM, asbestos awareness, ASHE, CPR, equipment use, fall protection and more. This training puts prevention at the center of safety considerations.

EMR Rating

Experience Modification Rates (EMRs) are numbers used by insurance companies to gauge the risk of injury for a company. Nunn has a low EMR, which translates to lower worker compensation premiums.

“We appreciated Nunn Construction having us on site to review rescue procedures during steel construction on the second and third floors. This type of pre-planning on your part certainly would have helped us save lives and perform a rescue in the safest manner possible.”
Dennis Spritzer Fire Marshal | Gunnison, CO