Executive Leadership and Growth

Our work represents so much more than simply physical structures. Through our projects, we build facilities infused with strong purposes. They are home bases for missions to better our community and often embody one of our shared values: growth mindset.

The same year we opened our doors at Nunn Construction, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) also started their 66-acre Colorado Springs campus. CCL offers business professionals a variety of in-person and virtual educational resources ranging from new manager courses to C-suite leader guidance and coaching. Two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies, such as Johnson & Johnson and Whirlpool, have partnered with CCL to further develop their organizations and executive leadership.

In 1998, Nunn Construction and CRP Architects completed an expansion at CCL’s Colorado Springs headquarters that doubled the building’s Class A+ office space and training facilities for their intensive weeklong training classes. These person-centric leadership development classes are critical for the locally focused Colorado Springs Leadership Institute (CSLI). With 16 participants annually, CLSI brings together seasoned and emerging leaders from a broad cross section of the community to foster relationships and grow together. CSLI now totals more than 350 alumni including Tyson Nunn, President and Class of 2022, and Business Development Director Andrea Slattery, Class of 2020.

“My time at the Center for Creative Leadership, with CSLI, had helped me to develop close personal relationships in the community with people I probably would not have otherwise met. The building’s light-filled atriums and indoor/outdoor connections allowed our group to foster connection as a whole, as well as break into more intimate setting for smaller teams,” said Andrea.

“The CSLI program lessons at CCL helped me see that despite our difference, at the core, each human has strengths and struggles. Instead of the common work/life balance we are all trying to achieve, it can be seen as a harmony of different seasons, putting efforts towards the self, family, work, and community.”

Today, CCL has nine global locations and has pioneered leadership development programs in 160 countries. With more than 1 million alumni, they continue to influence local organizations such as CSLI that develop and connect our leaders across Colorado Springs.

We are grateful to them for being catalysts for positive local and global change, guiding into the future beyond our 40 years!

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