Impacts of the Accounting Department

Three of our four accounting team members are in this photo from our ‘80s-themed 40th anniversary party. Can you spot them? Anyone who thinks accounting is boring obviously hasn’t met the Nunn team.

Watching every penny is par for the course in industries such as banking, tax accounting, and, yes, construction. Ensuring every cent of our clients’ money is accounted for is critical. Being good stewards of these funds is a matter of trust we work hard to build, and here at Nunn, we value the trust we’ve been given and strive to maintain the confidence of our clients.

One of the key aspects of this stewardship is in the accounting department, where our team is hard at work, tracking the progress of our construction projects—which in essence is turning pennies into the client’s dream project.

Counting on the Team

The accounting department runs smoothly, in large part because of the great leadership of our CFO, Sean Leggett. Sean started with Nunn in 2002 as controller, when the accounting department consisted of himself, Nancy Nunn, and a payroll accountant. In 2003 Nunn updated its accounting software to Viewpoint Construction Software, which was a big upgrade from the DOS system we had been using since 1983. Fast forward to today, the accounting department processes millions of dollars in projects, spanning over the six market sectors we serve, and from all three of our office locations.

When reflecting on Nunn as a company, Sean asserted that it is great to work with a company who “does it right” and who cares about its customers, subcontractors, and employees. “It’s the culture,” said Sean. “That’s why I’m still here.”

From the hard work of both himself and Nancy before him, Nunn Construction has been able to build a very efficient accounting department. One hallmark of the accounting department is their adaptability keep improving the system. This, over the years, has taken the form of introducing virtual credit cards, changing service providers, and utilizing software consultants to streamline processes. This flexibility has aided the accounting department to, in Sean’s words, “adapt and overcome.”

Along with leading the accounting department, Sean also is a founding member of the Pikes Peak Chapter of Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). CFMA is an association that helps Construction Financial Mangers and provides networking opportunities, education, and more. Being a member of CFMA has allowed Sean the opportunity to associate with other leaders in the industry.

“It’s the culture. That’s why I’m still here.”

Another long-term member of the Nunn accounting team is Berni Mount. Berni started with us on April 1, 2005 (on April Fool’s Day, much to Berni’s amusement). She joined the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) around 2009. Although she is no longer a member of NAWIC, she reflected on her membership as a great opportunity to network with other women in the construction industry. When reflecting on the accounting department at Nunn, Berni says that she has enjoyed working for Nunn and she appreciates Sean’s leadership style and the overall “open door policy” that all the Nunn executives have.

As our company has grown, so has our accounting team. We’re thrilled to have newer additions who joined us this year, Accounting Manager Vanessa Aumiller and Larisa Jensen managing Accounts Payable. They have shown they’re up to the challenge of working in this busy department, working tirelessly to support both our clients and project teams.

Adding Things Up

It’s simple math: Our accounting department is one of the vital components that keep the wheels of construction turning. By processing payroll, paying invoices, getting billings out on time, and the dozens of other urgent tasks they complete every day, the accounting team demands accurate accounting of funds to provide peace of mind to our clients. And this peace of mind, to us, is priceless.


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