Our “True North” – Building Projects That Matter

Ask anyone in our office and they’ll tell you there’s something special about your 30s. You’re still young enough to make long-lasting changes, but old enough to more confidently mark an establishment of who you are, what you value. It’s a time to decide what personal aspects are staying and what has outlived its purpose. Nunn Construction went through a similar inward solidification of our values shortly after our 33rd year in business.

Tyson had just recently taken the reins from Ray as President, after emerging stronger and nimbler following the 2008 economic downturn. It seemed perfect timing to take a close look at what continued to define Nunn Construction, and how we could ensure authentic communications both to our growing team and the communities in which we work.

As we sat down to explore that question of “Who is Nunn Construction?” common themes started to emerge around what defines our people, our work and impact in the community. What rose to the surface, includes: high-quality service and supporting the well-being and empowerment of our people and community. The importance of having structured approaches to problem solving tied with a real commitment to making them successful. Our industry is rooted in apprenticeship and a vested interest in the success of the next generation, so being active mentors to others inside and outside the company is critical to establishing our legacy. We wanted to make sure that we were growing as a whole—sharing our wisdom and support with others, as we have seen that the benefits are far-reaching when more see success. To those familiar with archetypes, Nunn is a combination Servant/Engineer/Mentor.

All those ideas coalesced into a “True North” concept. We’ve heard a few times, “What’s with that up-arrow over your logo?” This graphical arrow pointing up (look in the negative space) represents this concept. We wanted a symbol that would remind us that first and foremost, at our heart we embody a dedication to growth, to the success of our clients and a strong community. These are intentional, as a result of our process and leadership, always striving forward, while staying true to who we are.

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