The Chavez Huerta Cesar Chavez Middle School Continues to Make Great Progress

In mid-November, the Chavez Huerta Cesar Chavez Middle School had the Topping Out ceremony. Despite the cold weather, it was a fun event, with some lovely remarks by some community leaders! A number of children who will be using the new school attended, signed the beam, and put their hand prints in some art that will be hung in the finished building.

The rest of the project has going very smoothly as well. Chris Sparks, the Assistant Project Manager, stated that “all of the sub contractors have been amazing, and everyone has been working very well together, which has been a big help. Because of procurement issues, there has been a need to increase space in order to store all of the materials. Luckily, the site has a lot of available room for storage of said materials, so that hasn’t been a problem.”

However, as expected, the project hasn’t been without bumps. The roofing manufacturer wouldn’t hold prices, and couldn’t guarantee a delivery date. As such, we switched to a different roofing manufacturer, who, while a bit more expensive, was able to get the roof out on schedule. A small price to pay!

Despite a few manageable bumps, the Chavez Huerta project has been moving along very smoothly.

The other larger setback involved the generator. It was delayed by several months—to the point where it was set to arrive at the time when we were supposed to turn the building over to the owner. Luckily, a solution was found, in which a temporary generator would be utilized until the permanent one shows up.

In this current COVID world, there are often many issues that come up with supply chains, allocation of resources, and just delays in general. A proactive approach by our staff, as well as always looking forward to anticipate delays has helped mitigate such delays as much as possible, so that solutions have been able to be found, and that schedules are met.

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