Broomfield Heights Middle School
Broomfield, CO

Project Details

PK-12 Education

Boulder Valley School District
August 2016
Completion Date
107,746 sq. ft.
Wold Architects

Broomfield Heights Middle School was an energy overhaul renovation project. Nunn Construction began this massive undertaking while school was still in session, moving classroom pods to perform work during off-hours with minimal disruption to staff and students. The retrofit utilizes a chilled beam closed loop system for heating, cooling, and water supply – drastically reducing energy consumption of the school.

The Innovation Space, a focal point of the project, is centrally located within the school for ease of access to students and teachers throughout the school day. The space includes several collaborative break-out areas with a flexible arrangement of furniture. The incorporation of technology allows for wireless connectivity through tablets and laptops. Adjacent to this area is a Makerspace Lab with mobile tables, technology integration, and a sliding overhead door to separate the lab from the innovation space when both are in use.

  • Fast-track Renovation Project
  • Innovation Space for Collaborative Learning
  • Makerspace with Technology Integration
  • Construction in-and-around a Fully Occupied Campus