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Tyson Nunn


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Tyson Nunn is the President and Owner of Nunn Construction. Tyson’s involvement with Nunn Construction began at a young age. When he was just nine years old he was already part of the Nunn Construction team, watching Ray and Nancy Nunn spend countless hours building the company.

As a teen, and during his college years, Tyson worked as a laborer at his father’s company. Working mostly on concrete and foundation crews, he gained experience from hours of working in many aspects of the construction industry.

Upon graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in Construction Management, Tyson worked for a large Design Build firm in California. After several years, he returned to Colorado and Nunn Construction.

As President of Nunn Construction, a great deal of responsibility rests on Tyson’s shoulders as he is involved with everything from insurance and bonding to marketing proposals. He works in every facet of the construction process from procuring work through occupancy. In addition to his responsibilities at Nunn, Tyson is active in the Southern Colorado Association of General Contractors, Finance Committee Member of the Better Business Bureau, Foundation Board Member of Pikes Peak Community College, and Community Development Action Committee Member of the Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance.

In addition to the enthusiasm Tyson feels for his job, he also has a great love for life and his family. Tyson enjoys spending time with his wife Susan and his two children, Ava and Mason. Tyson deeply enjoys fly-fishing, running, and skiing while passionately building, creating, and making a difference in his mountain home community.

  • BS Building Construction Management, Colorado State University
  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • DBIA Coursework and Designation Exam
  • Pikes Peak Community College, Foundation Board Chairperson
  • Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance, Community Development Action Committee
  • Better Business Bureau, Finance Committee Member
  • Southern Colorado Association of General Contractors
  • Colorado Institute for Social Impact - Board Member