#Grateful (to be Essential)

Living out our Vision to Improve Communities

As builders, we are naturally “Doers”…

Nunn’s mission and dedication to improvement is focused on enabling others to succeed. This commitment goes beyond construction. We are engaged citizens both on and off the jobsite. We are people who don’t just talk about change, but ones who take action and DO the things needed to create it.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began affecting our nation, state and community, we first focused on safety and establishing protocols to keep our staff and jobs safely operating. But, we also knew that we wouldn’t be Nunn Construction if our response stopped at only trying to maintain business as usual.

Between pandemic relief and the Black Lives Matter movement we are taking actions – to advocate, volunteer and provide financial support for groups that bring change and equality to our local community. We are grateful to be essential and wish to share our gratitude.

Grateful Challenge Grant

From the construction industry, we know a team is more powerful and effective when we work together.

We challenge our business community, collaborators and individuals to join Nunn Construction in supporting two amazing organizations: COSILoveYou and Educating Children of Color.

Your Donation Dollars will be Doubled through August 1, 2020 – please mention the “Nunn Gratitude Challenge” when donating to COSILoveYou or Educating Children of Color. We are committed to match up to $10,000.

$10,000 Goal EXCEEDED!

Your Campaign Donations: $10,693

COSILOVEYOU – Backpack Bash 2020 (DONATE)

COSILOVEYOU – Backpack Bash 2020

Out of our gratitude for remaining open during COVID-19, Nunn Construction is proud to support COSILoveYou and its many community partners in their upcoming 2020 Backpack Bash. This collaborative, multi-location event brings together dozens of community partners to help over 10,000 kids in the Pikes Peak region get a great start to the school year.

For just $5 per student, COSILoveYou and its partners will send students back to school with a backpack full of school supplies, plus a handful of other supportive connections to help families succeed throughout the year. Nunn Construction is challenging the Colorado Springs community to match or exceed its commitment to outfit 1,000 students for the upcoming school year.

Donate today, and let’s see what we can do together!






Educating Children of Color (DONATE)

Educating Children of Color

The money raised through our collaboration with Nunn Construction’s Gratitude Challenge Match will be used to support the 2021 Leadership Academy and a new program starting this summer to provide free scholarship workshops for students throughout the Colorado Springs Community. These workshops will instruct students on basic writing skills.

Educating Children of Color (ECOC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to changing statistics that show that children and youth of color are more likely to be poor, involved in the child welfare system, age out of foster care with permanence, less likely to graduate on time, more likely to be involved in the juvenile and adult justice systems.

Donate below, and help us change the statistics for the children of color in Colorado Springs!





A History of Giving Back

With Thanksgiving in our rear-view mirrors and the Holiday season quickly approaching, it is now the time of year to show gratitude for all we have and continue to pay it forward to those less fortunate in our communities. This is not a one-way street; by volunteering and helping others, it is proven to improve… Read more »

Grateful to be Essential within Our Deaf Community

Like Nunn Construction, Zoraida “Zee” Mares is grateful to be an essential employee during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mares provides Video Relay Services (VRS) to enable the Deaf throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to communicate and interprets pandemic updates for El Paso County Public Health. She’s also given generously of her… Read more »

Building a Foundation of Open Communication

“Larry, I think you’re on mute. Did we lose him? Larry, we can’t hear you…” These familiar sounding phrases, for many of us, are a part the new world of working remotely. Over the last few months, after hopping on what seems like countless video conferences, we adapt technologies to weather the challenges of keeping… Read more »

Facing an Invisible Threat on the Jobsite

“When I heard about the spread of COVID-19, my first thoughts were about my kids. I’ve got 6 of them, and I was concerned about how I would keep supporting my family if construction projects in Colorado had to stop. But luckily, we were all designated as essential workers and allowed to keep projects going… Read more »

Nunn Gives Back in COVID-19 Emergency Relief

Nunn Construction is fortunate, that since the beginning of the pandemic, construction and our work program have been established as essential business in Colorado. For this we are very grateful. Like other critical industries and businesses, we have been able to keep working through this crisis that has gripped our nation and local communities with… Read more »

Other Organizations We’ve Supported

We are proud of our COVID-19 response on and off our jobsites, and have already jumped into action in many ways. Nunn recently ran a competition for donations between our major construction project sites to raise dollars for four organizations on front lines in our community, doing emergency relief in addition to a separate donation to Downtown Development Authority. In total, we raised $11,350 from our employees, trade partners and subcontractors over a 3-week period, with relief donations given in May 2020.


Gratitude builds exponentially when you share it with others.

Help us build a wall of community gratitude by submitting a specific time or experience you’ve had recently that you are grateful for in the form on the right.

We’re Grateful…


I am grateful for my Dad’s health during the pandemic. He is high risk but has continued to stay healthy through this time.


I’m grateful for the health care workers who put themselves at risk to treat people affected by COVID-19.


I’m grateful for all the service workers I see on a regular basis. They continue to make my life work. And it’s amazing that we can continue to have all these services even in the middle of a pandemic.


My wife is due to have our first baby in a few weeks and so far everything has been great and she and the baby are healthy and developing well. I’m so incredibly grateful of that, and for the job I have that I enjoy and for the fullness of my life!


My mom was diagnosed with lymphoma stage 3 cancer 1.5 years ago, and so far, not only have her tumors responded really well to chemo, but she hasn’t had without any issues with her immune system due to COVID-19.

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