Assistant Superintendent Applies CPR Training to Save Life at Jobsite

Most of us have been trained in, or at least have had a chance to learn, CPR.

“It’s one of those trainings you hope that you never have to use,” said Donnie Burns, Nunn Construction’s Safety Manager. In late June, Donnie taught an American Red Cross Adult First Aid/CPR/AED class to several Nunn Construction employees including Assistant Superintendent Trent Ashoo. Neither of them would have guessed Trent would need to perform those same life-saving measures only a week later.

On July 5, 2022, Trent was working at the Sunset Park Elementary School jobsite in Pueblo, Colorado, when he received a call that a trade partner’s employee was in distress. Trent rushed to find the employee, who was dazed and trying to get to his truck. Wobbly, struggling to stand, he told Trent he was not feeling well because of the heat.

Rushing to give him water, Trent also dumped water on the man’s head to cool his body temperature. The employee tried, and failed, to stand again. Not long after, Trent dragged the employee into the shade. The man suddenly became unresponsive and stopped breathing. While a coworker called 911, Trent performed CPR until first responders could reach the man and transport him to the hospital, where he thankfully later recovered.

“The latest update from our trade partner was the worker is coherent and responsive,” said Vinnie Mattivi, Pueblo Division Manager, recalling that day’s events. “The emergency room staff stated that Trent’s quick action and CPR administration likely saved the man’s life.”

Trent’s quick action and CPR administration likely saved the man’s life.

On October 18, Trent was honored at an American Red Cross of Southeastern Colorado board meeting where he was given the Lifesaving Award for Professional Responders. This national award is issued by the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington, D.C. Donnie Burns was also awarded a Lifesaving Instructor Award for having effectively taught Trent CPR.

“Without a doubt,” reads the citation of Trent’s award, “the skills learned in the American Red Cross Training Services course helped to save the life of this man.”

For Trent, he is simply thankful he took the training at exactly the right time. “We may have had a very different situation on our hands if Nunn did not have such a great safety culture and resources allocated to training its employees,” he said.

“I am very grateful to be a part of the Nunn team and I cannot convey how appreciative I am to have the opportunity to work for such a great company and even better people.”

The American Red Cross offers the Adult First Aid/CPR/AED course in person and online. Anyone interested in training and certification opportunities near them can learn more at American Red Cross’ website at

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