Establishing a Culture of Growth, Innovation & Progress

Neither Ray nor Nancy Nunn, when starting Nunn Construction in 1983, had any expectations of long-term success. There was a hope that this gamble they took would pay off, but they also knew construction is incredibly demanding. Not every company, especially new ones, make it past five years or overcome periods of economic challenges. Whether their new company made it five years or 50, they wanted to build it from a foundation of strong values and putting people first.

As Nunn Construction approaches the 40th anniversary of our founding in May, we reflect on how the foundation laid by Ray and Nancy, and elevated by Tyson nearly a decade ago, has helped guide our team over the years. Above all, Nunn’s leadership have created a culture that values “service” – keeping our clients’ goals at the heart of what we do. To stay agile, our people embody a “growth mindset” with a willingness to constantly educate ourselves and improve how we build and do business. Although challenging, moving beyond the existing boundaries and traditions in construction is especially rewarding in an industry which historically trails others in innovation and adaptability.

While both Ray and Tyson Nunn would prefer to stay out of any limelight, we wanted to start our 40th year by expressing gratitude for their leadership and acknowledging how their vision and values impact our teams to set goals year after year. While effective leadership will help drive progress, the focus is not about their years of experience, size of businesses, percentage of revenue made, or trajectory of growth attained. Effective leaders build trust and empower their teams, radiate empathy, provide accountability, and communicate proactively. Our success is defined by how we treat people and the relationships created.

Tyson is quick to admit that his role as President at Nunn is simply to surround himself with talented people, and then give them the resources and support they need, removing as many roadblocks as possible. The results and successes we see at Nunn are simply a byproduct of their actualized talent. “If my people are afraid to fail or try new things, then we aren’t moving forward. I would see that as a failing in our leadership. Looking back at the last decade especially, I’m proud to trace many of our teams’ success – throughout numerous challenges – to our willingness to try and adopt ideas sourced from people of all levels in our team. When people see their ideas are welcomed, it results in organizational advancements – making a huge impact our company and the people we serve.”

Our success is defined by how we treat people and the relationships created.

Over the course of 40 years, we are honored to have built, renovated, and improved so many buildings spaces throughout Colorado. The upside to persevering in a challenging industry is the resulting impact we help make through the finished spaces for our community. Throughout 2023, we’ll share some of those stories of impact, and where possible, impart some of our keys to success. We firmly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and we hope that through sharing some of our lessons learned and successes, they can help benefit and encourage others.

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