Building an Effective Team

What is the context for a successful project?

The people! At Nunn Construction, we know the cornerstone of success is the right team—combining internal talent and bolstering it with knowledgeable subcontracting trade partners. These men and women lead various scopes of work associated with our building projects, ranging from excavation to roofing, structural steel to landscaping as well as installing numerous building systems.

At this 40-year milestone, we want to acknowledge and thank our many talented trade partners who have been lockstep in our successful journey to this point. There’s more than a few of you to thank. Since our 1983 founding, Nunn Construction has partnered with more than 1,400 subcontracting companies on over 500 building projects.

The subcontractor relationships are held in high regard throughout the company. As Tyson Nunn, President, states, “We are beholden to the hard work of our trade partners, whose countless manhours in the field have helped to create a portfolio of impactful building spaces in our community. Each individual’s involvement is respected and valued as contributors to our shared legacy of quality.”

Put simply, their success is our success. Subcontractors play an essential role from start to finish on any given project, especially during the preconstruction stage. Working closely together, our subcontractors are our allies providing crucial input on costs and schedules in early stages.

Senior Estimator Ross Dix is dedicated to nurturing these relationships. “Nunn’s focus on integrated projects through CM/GC and Design-Build deliveries can only be achieved in collaboration with our trade partner companies. We rely heavily on early input to deliver accurate budgets and schedules to our clients. The recent marketplace with extended material procurement timelines, and manpower scarcities has increased the need for early assistance even more.”

Since our 1983 founding, Nunn Construction has partnered with more than 1,400 subcontracting companies on over 500 building projects.

With many of these subcontractors, we have fostered long-term relationships. In the field, such connections often blossom in our daily huddles, which we host for all trades working at our jobsites. The daily huddle is our chance to update our pull planning system, a scheduling tool for inter-trade collaboration, and problem-solving together in real time.

Alongside this, while we have grown, we also realize the importance of what we have built together. Nunn Construction strives to maintain our reputation as a company who respects all teammates and takes action to fulfill our promises—to clients and subcontractors alike. Our goal is to stay the general contractor with whom our trade partners want to work with again and again.

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