Servant-Based Leadership

Quality. Building a Legacy – spaces that improve our future. Those words are more than a core value on the wall of our office. Over the last 40 years, Nunn is proud to have played out that value and built a legacy of quality. That did not happen by accident but was largely due to Ray and Tyson’s embodiment of a servant-based leadership style to support our team and clients.

Servant-based leadership flips the conventional hierarchy into one where the leadership serves others, not the other way around. The focus is on empowering and uplifting those around us, as well as unlocking potential, creativity and a sense of purpose. An unselfish mindset and assessing accurately your team’s strengths and passions helps encourage them in what they are doing and finds the right role to express their confidence and natural passions. It is no surprise that companies whose leadership takes on this focus see increases in performance, reduced turnover and more leaders amongst their team.

A good culture not only results in a happier, more productive team but also pays dividends through results achieved for the people they work with and serve. We approach assessing our clients’ needs by empowering them to focus on their needs, goals, strengths and passions and seek to support that first.

Tyson puts it this way: “Construction is a hard, very demanding industry. We work intensely on projects that often last for over a year. It can be easier to adopt a top-down management style and manage a project or team with an iron fist. However, in the end, that doesn’t produce the most successful projects, and certainly doesn’t leave the whole team feeling they are still friends by the end. We’ve decided as a company that life’s too short and what we help accomplish for our community is too important to do business any other way.”

Over the last 40 years, we’re extremely proud that this servant-based leadership model and culture have helped us create long-lasting relationships ­­with clients on multiple projects over four decades and counting. Over the last 10 years, 58% of our projects have been with repeat clients. Academy District 20 was one of our first clients back when Nunn Construction was just starting out, and we’re proud to continue to work with them to this day, along with many other long-term clients with repeat projects such as Focus on the Family, CORE Electrical Cooperative, Pikes Peak Library District, City of Colorado Springs, Chavez Huerta Preparatory Academy, School District 49, Harrison School District, Widefield School District, Colorado Springs School District 11, Colorado State University-Pueblo, UCCS, and Southwest Memorial Hospital.

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