Shaping a New Community

Creating positive impacts for Colorado communities has always been a deep, consistent driving force at Nunn Construction. While the Colorado Springs built environment has changed in the 40 years since Nunn was founded, we remain committed to creating structures that can grow and evolve with their communities.

With the City’s growth, we have also enjoyed a unique privilege of taking part in its evolution: the start of Gold Hill Mesa, the last new development neighborhood constructed in the city’s scenic and historic west side. Visible all the way from downtown, Gold Hill Mesa’s 130-foot smokestack on the community’s north side is a landmark recalling the region’s rich history.

Construction at Gold Hill Mesa started in 2006 on land that had remained vacant for more than 50 years following the closing of the Golden Cycle Mill, which once processed 1,500 tons of gold ore per day from the Cripple Creek Mining District. Nunn broke ground on the Exchange Building, a 20,000-square-foot community center and the very first building for what was then an emerging community.

Now, almost 20 years after the community center first opened its doors, the Exchange Building continues to honor the area with a strong community connection. Gold Hill Mesa offers regional retail, including plans for commercial sites bordering Highway 24 and 21st Street, and runs a busy schedule of engaging social events scheduled throughout the year.

While Gold Hill Mesa currently has 627 residences, events like the annual Music on the Mesa concert series are free and open to anyone to enjoy. They invite Colorado Springs to spread out lawn chairs and blankets at its Central Park to enjoy free live music, good company, and sustainable urban renewal planning almost half a century in the making.

Looking ahead, Gold Hill Mesa has teased the idea of having an outdoor music park to host their concerts. “The hillside location is ideally situated topographically for an amphitheater,” Stephanie Edwards, Gold Hill Mesa’s Executive Vice President and CMO, told Springs Magazine.

Gold Hill Mesa is still growing and thriving since repurposing the former industrial site, honoring its past while being trailblazers for its future on Colorado Springs westside.

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