Fred C. Harman III Law Enforcement Complex
Archuleta County, CO

Project Details


Archuleta County
June 2022
Completion Date

The Archuleta County Fred C. Harman III Law Enforcement Complex was planned to accommodate future population growth and provide a more effective judicial sentencing process since due to the lack of a jail in the area, many sentences had been more lenient as a result of the lack of a facility in the area in the last few years.

The first phase of a master planned county municipal center, the ground-up construction of a new detention and intake center for Archuleta County is located on a five acre site just west of downtown Pagosa Springs.  The new detention center contains 54 beds.

In addition to the inmate housing units, the project also includes: booking, central control room, exercise and multi-purpose program spaces, a kitchen, laundry, medical and an enclosed vehicle sallyport.

  • New construction