Fred C. Harman III Law Enforcement Complex
Pagosa Springs, CO

Project Details


Archuleta County
July 2020
Completion Date
Reynolds Ash & Associates, Reilly Johnson Architecture

The Archuleta County Fred C. Harman III Law Enforcement Complex was planned to replace the previous facility in 2015 when flooding during work on the roof caused the facility to permanently close. The larger facility was planned to accommodate future population growth and provide a more effective judicial sentencing process since due to the lack of a jail in the area, many sentences had been more lenient as a result of the lack of a facility in the area in the last few years. In addition to the inmate housing units, the project also includes: booking, central control room, exercise and multi-purpose program spaces, a kitchen, laundry, medical and an enclosed vehicle sallyport.

The site presented a unique challenge due to it containing unusually hard rock less than 2 feet below the surface. This made excavating for footings, foundation and utilities a challenge. Through our tight schedule control, Nunn was able to move activities in order to complete up to eight months of rock excavation while staying on schedule.

The facility is equipped with high end detention furnishings as well as a top of the line security system. The security system is a complex and unique design that is ran to master control. In the heart of housing you will find master control located in a control room. Master control is a 360 degree detention grade room where the sheriff’s department is able to oversee, monitor, and control all functions of the building. There are a total of 5 dayrooms that house inmates including MAXIMUM security, women, disabled, and the general population.


  • Overcame challenges of extensive rock excavation while maintaining schedule