Sunset Park Elementary
Pueblo, CO

Project Details

PK-12 Education

Pueblo City Schools - D60
October 2023
Completion Date
50,000 sf
MOA Architecture and RTA Architects

The Sunset Park Elementary BEST Grant funded replacement was designed and built in tandem with the Franklin School of Innovation replacement which brought forth distinctive challenges. Recognizing the potential inefficiency of addressing identical phases concurrently, the Nunn team recommended staggering project phases to enhance coordination. Nunn suggested collaborating with the same subcontractors for both sites which was adopted as a beneficial strategy by the District. Notably, the Nunn team’s leadership included four individuals who had a personal connection to Sunset Park Elementary having attended the existing school which was originally built in 1959 and were excited to modernize and upgrade the facilities that housed some of their earliest memories growing up in Pueblo. The Nunn team helped the District and Architects in preconstruction evaluate 1-story vs. 2-story options and multiple schedule options to maximize their BEST Grant funds, fit within the existing neighborhood and not disrupt the school schedule.

  • BEST Grant Funded Replacement
  • Built Next to Occupied School
  • Early Abatement and Select Demolition Coordination
“The two new school projects were complex, with careful planning and coordination being critical from start to finish. Both of the existing schools had to remain open while the new schools were being constructed. This required Nunn to be very careful to avoid unacceptable noise and disruptions to the two schools being in session until the new schools were ready to occupy. Nunn was required to work closely with both schools’ administrations and did so admirably. The team from Nunn made it possible to achieve our goals, even when our plans changed along the way. Nunn also promoted hiring local subcontractors that helped keep our bond dollars in the Pueblo Community.”
Bob Lawson Executive Director of Facilities and Construction Management