Building in the Southwest

The Southwest Region of Colorado is unique in its culture, geography, and spirit of the people. Nestled amongst the mighty San Juan Mountain Range, Durango and its surrounding towns require buildings that will serve their communities while contending with the incredible geography that surrounds them. Knowing that our projects serve the Southwest Region, we pride ourselves in working with our clients on projects that are functional and enhance the beauty of the surrounding region.


Originally opening our Southwest Office in Cortez in 2013, our first project in the southwest was the new construction of the BEST Grant funded Montezuma-Cortez High School. Finishing this project in 2015, the roughly 150,000 square foot high school springboarded Nunn’s presence into the region and established ourselves as a local business in the community. In 2018, we moved our Southwest office to our current location in Durango, where our team has remained hard at work helping to build community, educational, municipal, and other projects in the region. This year we are celebrating a decade of building in Southwest Colorado. Looking back at the last ten years, we want to share our gratitude and celebrate the team that helped us get to this point.

To build these impactful and complex projects, we rely on experienced leadership in the SW office –Sam Krier. As the Division Manager for the Southwest Office, Sam joined Nunn in April of 2021, moving here from Lubbock, Texas. Having visited Durango as a child, it wasn’t a hard choice to move his family from Texas. His decisive and servant-based leadership and long-term vision has brought senior-level stability to the Southwest Office. Andrew Everett, a Superintendent at Nunn, remarked on Sam’s leadership, stating that he has always felt like Sam has been a strong leader with an equally strong vision for growth – a vision for both Nunn and for Southwest Colorado. Andrew recalls that when Sam was first hired, that “things got better” in the southwest and that Sam’s leadership brings our local team confidence.

Superintendent, Andrew Everett and Project Manager, Chris Schnurr are some of the earliest team members to work in the Southwest and love the unique culture, community and recreation that the area offers. When they aren’t on their jobsites, they are enjoying everything the area has to offer such as weekends spent fly fishing on the San Juan or Animas Rivers, snowboarding, hunting, or catching a local art show or performance. This is an area that is passionate about building off its unique culture and geography to create a dynamic, tight-knit community with special spaces to live, work and play in.

Building relationships with dedicated local team members and area subcontractors is a key part of building a vibrant industry in the Southwest to handle the growth that the region is seeing, both in infrastructure and municipal projects such as at the Durango-La Plata Airport. Tyson Nunn says, “It’s not an easy thing to break into a new geographical area – even if the headquartered office has decades of experience behind it. Subcontractors down in the SW know that with our projects, they’ll receive clear, well-thought-out scopes of work, and a local team who is polished, dependable and has a professional work culture. Those things make high quality subcontractors want to build with us and is a testament to the hard work and commitment that Chris, Andrew, Sam and the SW team have put in over the last 10 years establishing Nunn’s presence in the Southwest.”


Our Southwest office has built over 20 large projects, spanning across all six market sectors, and totaling around $140 million that have provided the community with schools, fire stations, higher educational facilities, and other community spaces that bring people together. One long-standing organization we’ve continued to work with is Southwest Memorial Hospital starting with the Patient Wing Expansion and Lobby in 2018. This hospital is vital for residents of Cortez, the surrounding towns, the Four Corners Region, and the Ute Reservations to receive access to health care. As well as serving the surrounding communities, Mason Timmerman, an Assistant Superintendent with Nunn, welcomed his daughter in February of 2023 at this hospital.

Fort Lewis College is a cornerstone of the Durango community, bringing students from all over and in the southwest community to Durango to pursue a high-quality education which also reflects the culture and history of the region through their curriculum and programs focused on the indigenous populations of the area. Nunn just recently completed the Schlessman Family Hall – Health Science Center which expands space for one of the college’s most popular fields of study in health and human performance. We are proud of our partnership with Fort Lewis College in providing students with an updated building that fosters their higher educational careers and helps provide new opportunities and expanded career paths in public health.  

Here at Nunn, we are supported by our leadership, proud of our accomplishments, and grateful to our clients for entrusting us with their projects that are built to serve their families, towns, and communities. Most of all, we appreciate the trust that the Southwest Region has given us allowed us to be a part of their story!

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