Our History with Faith-Based Spaces

In our 40 years of business, Nunn has had the pleasure of working with different churches and faith-based non-profits. At Nunn, we value these institutions for their mission to uplift the community through their service and their provision of gathering places for people to assemble in expression of faith and shared values, which strengthens community and fosters connection. Our dedication to serving churches has been ingrained in us as a company from day one, as our first project was an addition to Circle Drive Baptist Church in 1983. Beginning our building journey with a church project truly set the tone for our commitment to strengthening our communities by building better faith-based spaces and churches. Over our 40 years of business, we have completed over 60 faith-based/non-profit projects totaling over $100 million. We have worked with different churches, non-profits, and faith-focused companies, working on projects ranging from small local churches to large international non-profits. Providing updated spaces for these faith-based outreaches serves and connects our communities in Colorado and beyond.

Functional & Adaptable Spaces for Faith

Nunn Construction has had the pleasure to work with incredible faith-based non-profits such as Focus on the Family (Focus), which is headquartered in Colorado Springs. Building our relationship with Focus since the 1990’s, we have worked with them on various projects including on their Welcome Center and Whit’s End Soda Shoppe, Christian Care Ministry Building, and several office, meeting, and media spaces. In 2007, James Dobson and Jim Daly, the founder and president at the time, respectively, wrote a letter to our former employee, in celebration of Focus’ 30th business anniversary. In this letter, Dobson and Daly, said quote “[Nunn’s] commitment to excellence reflects our own desire to provide hurting families with the most compassionate and effective assistance possible, and we consider it an honor to labor alongside you toward that end.” Nunn seeks to champion faith-based non-profits, like Focus, for their service, commitment, and passion for serving those in our community and beyond.

One of the most recent projects we partnered with Focus on, was the renovation of their Gathering Place, which was completed in September of 2022. This was a renovation of an employee focused space at their Colorado Springs campus, which includes a 5,900 square foot meeting area with a floor to ceiling fireplace, two open meeting rooms, refreshment and snack area, and a small library. This versatile employee meeting space was finished off with high end finishes and plenty of workspace for Focus employees to work communally. Acting as a project manager for the Gathering Place project with Nunn, Chris Sparks reflects on the value of faith-based non-profits, such as Focus, for their mission to provide creative spaces for employees and the community to connect and gather. Chris had this to say:

“One of the notable aspects of working on faith-based projects is the alignment of values throughout the entire process. From the initial planning stages to the project’s completion, there is a shared understanding that goes beyond the typical project dynamics. Collaborating with organizations like [Focus on the Family] brings an added layer of purpose, as the projects are not only about construction but also about creating spaces that resonate with a deeper spiritual significance.”

Chris also reflected that working on faith-based projects for Nunn has been a gratifying aspect of my role as a project manager. Nunn’s commitment to diverse projects, including those with a faith-based focus like those with Focus on the Family (FOTF), reflects our dedication to meeting the unique needs and values of various communities. The Gathering Place is an adaptable space that can be converted to suit different events. First and foremost, the renovated space provides a contemporary setting that respects and honors the religious traditions of the community, creating an environment that fosters a deeper connection with faith. The aesthetic and functional upgrades aim to enhance the overall spiritual experience of individuals who gather there. Beyond its religious significance, the updated space becomes a versatile hub for community engagement. It offers a welcoming venue for various meetings, programs, and gatherings that go beyond traditional religious ceremonies. This adaptability transforms the space into a dynamic center for social interaction, education, and support services, enriching the lives of community members in multiple dimensions. The importance of this updated faith-based space lies in its ability to serve as a vibrant and inclusive community hub. It stands as a testament to the commitment of both Focus on the Family and the community at large to create a space that nurtures spiritual growth, fosters connections, and contributes to the overall flourishing of individuals and the community.

Learning while Uplifting Church Spaces

Along with the impactful work of faith-based non-profits, Nunn enjoys working with local churches, to provide updated spaces for local congregates to connect, worship, and serve their community. We had the opportunity to work on the Leonard Hall Addition for Village Seven Presbyterian Church which was completed in January of 2018. Bobby Hampton, now an Assistant Superintendent with Nunn Construction, remembers the project as a defining project for him early in his career when he joined Nunn as a laborer. He recalls, “[the project] really did provide a strong foundation for me to build my career.” Bobby also echoed Chris’s sentiment on the importance of building faith-based spaces, stating “I believe it’s important to upkeep local churches in the area because it’s a place where the surrounding community congregates to worship and get to know others in their area.” These buildings hold more significance to the community, as Bobby states, “by working on [church projects] we are able to provide a more updated, safe and comfortable space for all church goers to enjoy in the community.” This project hosted a few challenges for the construction team, including installing customized door frames and hinges, matching them up to existing doors, self-perform structural demo of roofs often requiring the use of chainsaws, and installation of tongue and groove finished ceilings. With all these firsts, Bobby recalls that these challenges were a rewarding experience, helped him make life-long friends, and provided him with specialized carpentry skills.

Along with our relationships with churches in Colorado Springs, Nunn recently completed a renovation project for Summit Church in Durango. Beginning construction in August of this year, the Nunn team headed by Sam Krier, the Southwest Division Manager with Nunn, was able to update this 3,000 square foot interior remodel in only 2.5 months. They topped off the new conference room, lobby, and kitchen, and then tied these additions to preexisting structures. Robb Bourbon, Operations Director with Summit Church, reflected “from the beginning stages of our project with Nunn, even including the initial meeting with Sam Krier, the company impressed us with their professionalism and desire to create a space that matched our vision.” Now being completed just before the holidays, the completed spaces are being used even more than they had originally imagined. At Nunn, we take the importance of these spaces to those who attend these churches to heart. Robb added, “Sam and his family are members of our church, and you could tell he took the work seriously on a personal level as well.” Developing trust and approaching all our projects with personal attention is what we strive for every day.

Our Gratitude

At Nunn, we see the value that churches, and faith-based non-profits provide to our local communities, and we work hard to provide them with high-quality spaces. Whether it is building a new or renovated church or faith-based space, improving a library for Denver Seminary, or updating historic buildings such as Sacred Heart Catholic Church or First Lutheran’s Peel House, we are grateful to be able to bring our expertise to help further these organizations’ impact and ability to serve in our communities. We extend our gratitude and thanks to all the wonderful churches and non-profits who have trusted to build their special projects. This holiday season we are grateful for you!

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